VAT consultancy in France and the EU

Today, many countries around the world have a VAT system, often inspired by that of the European Union. VAT is a tax that affects every single goods or services transaction, making it omnipresent in the life of a company.
At GALILEO AVOCATS, our lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the European Community’s VAT system and can advise you on VAT matters for all types of transactions : exchange of goods and / or services between the European Union and the rest of the world, as well as between the 28 EU Member States (intra-community VAT).
We can also advice on supply chain operations and help you to implement a new distribution model: commissionaire, sales agent, LRD, branch,etc.
As well as helping you with cross-border transactions, GALILEO AVOCATS can also assist you with more specific transactions: holdings, energy sector, real estate, telecommunications, Internet, banks / insurance, public sector, transport, aeronautics, payment in the casino via ewallet xpress, automotive, etc.
Lastly, we can advise you on all other aspects of VAT in France and the EU (exemptions, deduction rights, etc.), audit your business in order to identify any areas which have room for improvement as far as current regulations are concerned and optimize the cash flow of your company.

Tax audit assistance / VAT audits / VAT disputes

At Galileo Avocats we are not just experts, but lawyers too, and as such can represent you when dealing with the tax authorities. We can also draw up any documents or certificates required to defend your company within the framework of a tax audit or dispute: responses to adjustment proposals, contentious claims, motion before a tribunal, summary proceedings, etc.

Invoicing rules

Invoices contain a substantial amount of information, making them one of the tax authorities’ favourite auditing tools. Failing to issue an invoice, or issuing it incorrectly, can result in heavy penalties.
The invoice is also used for customs clearance purposes and may be the only document checked by the tax or customs authorities. It also allows the person or entity that issues or receives the invoice to follow the correct accounting and VAT procedures. Last but not least, the invoice proves that the customer is entitled to VAT deductions.
This document is consequently of vital importance to the company, and GALILEO AVOCATS can advise you on how it should be drafted, in accordance with the economic and VAT regulations in force: identification of the different transactions for which an invoice must be issued, wording, type of document to be issued, etc.

VAT declarative obligations

Even when transactions are VAT-exempt, some declarations may still need to be submitted to the relevant authorities.
At GALILEO AVOCATS we can help you identify and fulfil your VAT declarative obligations in France and abroad.
Foreign companies can also appoint GALILEO AVOCATS to submit their VAT declarations and Instrastat / Sales list (DEB) on their behalf.

Information systems (ERP)

Setting up a new information system, or upgrading a current system, provides an ideal opportunity to analyse the company’s incoming and outgoing flows of goods and / or services.
GALILEO AVOCATS can advise you as to how these flows should be processed as regards VAT / Customs and, in partnership with the ERP developers chosen by the company, can help you set up an optimized information system that correctly performs all the required functions: drafting turnover returns (VAT) and Intrastat declarations (“DEB – Déclaration d’Echange de Biens”), issuing invoices, etc.