Customs consultancy in France and the EU

In the European Union, customs law is an autonomous set of rules governed by a unique code whose provisions apply with equal effect across all the 28 Member States.
Although customs duty is generally speaking much lower than it used to be, being unfamiliar with customs formalities can often result in heavy penalties. For example, failing to anticipate variations in the price of goods that are subject to an annual transfer pricing policy can result in additional customs duty and import VAT and fines.
Moreover, using the correct customs procedures and regimes can help make your company’s supply chain more efficient. The different customs regimes available can also generate savings for your company as far as customs duty is concerned, as well as improving cash flow.
At Galileo Avocats, we can help you to take advantage of a customs suspensive regime (feasibility / execution / negotiation with the customs authorities), help you optimise the customs value you have to declare when importing goods into the European Union, as well as allowing you to obtain a refund of any excess import duty and tax that may have been paid.
Obvioulsy we can also advise you on other areas of customs law in France and the EU (origin, tariff classification of goods, etc.) and work in partnership with the forwarding agents and customs brokers your company has appointed for the import and / or export of the goods.
Finally, GALILEO AVOCATS can assist you in obtaining and maintaining your AEO certification (authorized economic operator): preliminary study and definition of the strategy, current state evaluation, gap assessment, remediation proposals, AEO application and post-certification maintenance.

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Customs audit assistance / Customs disputes

Our lawyers can represent you in the event of a customs audit and defend your interests when dealing with the different authorities: central administrations, national and EU jurisdictions, Customs Advisory and Evaluation Commission, etc.